Great Things He Has Done

August 10, 2002

“Only fear the LORD and serve Him in truth with all your heart
1 Sam.12:24

Thank You, dear LORD, that not only have You made all this physical world, but spiritually, You gave me life. You allowed me to be born, here in America, in peace and freedom and good health. You gave me the light of creation and You gave me light from Your WORD through several little Baptist churches.
While yet in sin and going my sinful way, You called me by Your gospel, convicted me by Your Holy Spirit and saved me, reconciled me, redeemed me, and made me righteous. You let me see my granddaddy’s Bible and be encouraged to read Your WORD EVERY DAY, You gave me teachers to point me to You and Your WORD. You gave me Maureen and let us see and grow up together. You have given me 11 precious souls to train up for You. You have counted me faithful by putting me in the ministry and You have provided all material things for me. You delivered me from cancer and to this very hour You continue to speak to me by Thy WORD!
Thank you, dear LORD, for Your abundant goodness toward me. Help me, oh LORD, to use this all to serve You and honor You!

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