I Have Found As He Said

Wednesday, March 16, 1994
Journal Entry-

“…He sent…saying, Go, into the village opposite you, in which, at your entering, ye shall find a calf tied…loose him,
and bring him here…. And they that were sent went their way, FOUND EVEN AS HE HAD SAID UNTO THEM.” (Luke 19:29-34)

LORD, You sent them saying certain things and the testimony here of Luke is that they always FOUND JUST AS YOU HAD SAID.
I too have been sent by You!

Dear reader- please note- that my experience has been the same. I am 37 years old! I have a wife and six children and one due in
approximately two months. I have been saved 15 and a half years and have been doing full time ministry for over 5 years.
As Luke testified to Theophilus- I now testify to you- that ANYTIME I have seen in the word- after having been enlightened
by the Holy Spirit- I have- ALWAYS- found it just AS GOD HAD SAID TO ME who sent me.
I have experienced first hand that GOD cannot and does NOT lie! (Tit.1:2) What He says, He means, and He will always be faithful to it.

For over 5 years we have made no appeals to men for temporal supplies- not makingĀ our needs known- even when asked.
We have appealed to God, Who hears and answers prayer! We have done it in secret as He said in Matthew 6 and He has
always rewarded us- AS HE SAID! Do not shy away from taking Him at His word. He is always faithful- and you will find
as Luke and I have testified. You too will “find even as He said unto you.” (Luke 19:32)


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