Mighty Generations

Journal Entry-
Thursday July 8, 2004

Thank you Lord, for revealing your graciousness by how you dealt with Job at the end. You blessed him materially and you allowed him to have sons, son’s son’s, unto four generations. Lord, although I am not worthy, I do desire and ask you once again, in the name of my Lord, Jesus, Christ, that you allow me also, as you did Job, to live to see my fourth generation. Also, oh God, please give me grace to TEACH your WORD DILIGENTLY so my children can be equipped to pass your words onto their children, and so on so that my fourth generation will be mighty men of valor, faithful men and women, useful for your service.
But the MERCY of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon those who fear him, and his righteousness unto CHILDREN’S CHILDREN.
Do it, oh Lord! Let it be according to thy WORD! If you will give me grace to FEAR you and DELIGHT GREATLY in your commandments-then-do as Thou hast said and let my seed be mighty and blessed. Establish the WORD that thou hast spoken.

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