Journal Entry-
September 10, 1993

LORD, You have revealed to me lately a part of my recent timidity.

#1.  I have become focused on “I” and not You. Thought such as, “How can I
sow seeds among the lost?” and “How can I meet more people?” When I ought
rather to say, “Where, LORD, would YOU have me to sow seeds?” and “Help
me, LORD to meet more whom YOU have prepared like the Ethiopian eunuch.”

#2.  I have allowed myself to become busy, staying up too late and having too many things
to do in the early mornings- and my time, alone with You, in the word, has diminished.

Dear Father, thank You so very much that You have ENABLED me, counting me faithful to be
PUT into the ministry. Thank You that You have not given me a spirit of fear but of
POWER, of LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND! (2Tim.1:7)
Help me now to watch IN ALL THINGS and to DO THE WORK OF AN EVANGELIST. (2Tim.4:5)
You send, guide, and order steps – please cause them to prosper!


#1. Dt. 11:18- Lay up Your words in my heart
#2. Take head, keep my soul diligently
#3. Re-evaluate goals, and study so as to return to productive study.

Review OLD & New verses, READ, MEDITATE, PRAY

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