Obedient Servant

Tuesday, June 4, 1991

 “So ye also, when ye shall have done ALL THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE COMMANDED YOU, say, we are unprofitable servants;
we have done that which was our 
duty to do.” Luke 17:10

 Yes Master, I am an unprofitable servant. My lot is to DO, to OBEY “ALL THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE COMMANDED.”

 #1- I must OBEY, in EVERYTHING, that which You command me in Your word.
#2- I should never, because I have obeyed, think more highly of myself then I ought to think.
For I have only done my 
duty – that which servants ought to do.

 Practical Application:
Memorize Luke 17:10 so I can be often reminded that I am only a servant whose duty it is to obey God’s word.


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