Journal Entry-
October 27, 1993

1 Sam.1:27-28-
“For this child I prayed” – can I say this?

“And it was,…that Job…ROSE UP EARLY…IN THE MORNING…
and offered burnt offerings…according to the number of them (his children) all;
thus did Job continually.”

David said, by the Spirit…
“My voice shalt Thou hear IN THE MORNING, Oh LORD;
in the morning will I direct my prayer unto Thee and will look up.” (Ps.5:3)

And You Yourself, LORD, while You were here on this earth, in a finite body, You rose
“…up a great while before day,” and “…went out, and departed unto a solitary place and there prayed.” (Mark 1:31)

Job did it!
David did it!
You did it!

Help me, oh God, to rise up early, before day – and PRAY!

For my children…
For my friends…
For my family…
For me…

Cause me now – to yield to obedience unto righteousness!

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