Prayer for Godly Children

August 31, 1992

LORD, as You know, my heart is breaking for my good friend whose 20 year old son does not seem to be interested in spiritual things. My heart cries, “How can this be, when they are such godly people?” Then I think of some parents in the scriptures- and see the same- godly men having ungodly children (Noah, Abraham, Josiah)
In despair, these thoughts have been causing my heart to cry out, “Is there ANY WAY for me to raise my children to be saved and be valiant for truth, soldiers?”
Help me, oh God, to take these sad circumstances and use them to help me see and discover “lurking dangers” in my own life so I do not have to follow in their path.
Are these things not written for our learning? (Rom.15:4) And for our
admonition? (1Cor.10:11) In each case is there not a cause, that if we can see, by Your Spirit, and respond appropriately- we may avoid the same path?

Practical Application:
I intend to, with the help of the little book, To the Parents of My Grandchildren, to look at all the men in the BibleĀ  who were fathers and give You an opportunity to teach, reprove, correct, and instruct me.

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