Thank You for Your Great Faithfulness!

Journal Entry-
Sunday, June 6, 2004

Ah, LORD God! Behold, “Thou hast made the heavens and the earth by Thy great power and outstretched arm, and nothing is too hard for Thee.” LORD, You convicted me of sin, righteousness, and judgement in December 1978, and in mercy, saved me by Your grace, through faith Jesus Christ. You have given me breath, strength, safety, and good health unto this day. You have worked in me to grow spiritually, to love You, Your ways, Your word, and Your kingdom from then until this day. By Your favor, kindness, and mercy, I am this day 47 years old and am happily married to Maureen, the wife You gave me 24 years ago. You have graciously given us 12 beautiful children and allowed them all to live unto this day. They are James, almost 22, Jacob 20, Julie 18, Jonathan 16, Jesse 14, Joy 12, Josiah 10, Joseph 8, Joanna 6, Jorja 4, Joshua 2, and JohnDavid 6 months ago. In Your mercy, You have saved the older children and I ask, again, dear LORD, that You allow all the souls You give me to enter in and be saved, as Rahab asked for her family.
Thank You, dear God, for Your abundant goodness to me! Also, I thank Christ Jesus, our LORD, Who hath enabled me, in that He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry. You have allowed and enabled me to put Your living, powerful word before the eyes of many people and most of that has been, the most efficient means of one on one ministry. Thank You, LORD, that You have been faithful to Your word and we have, and continue to this day, come rejoicing bringing our sheaves with us, because, in days gone by, we were enabled to go, bearing the precious seed of the word of God. Oh, that men would praise the LORD for His goodness and for His wonderful works to the children of men! (Ps 107:8)
Please give me grace and mercy, oh my God, to put my trust in You before the sons of men. Help Thou, mine unbelief, oh God! Help me to believe You, to take You at Your word, and to wait upon You to be the God You have revealed Yourself to be in Your Holy Word, in my life. As I wait for You, hoping in Your WORD, please do the things You have said and let me never be ashamed. Do as Thou hast spoken! Do as Thou hast promised! Establish Thy WORD, Oh God!
Give me, Oh God, a heart to put my trust in You, through believing Your word of promise, Your oath, and that in so doing, forsake me not, until I have SHOWN Thy STRENGTH unto this generation and Thy POWER to everyone that is come. (Ps 73:17-18)

*Please NOTE, dear reader, that for 15 years, I have spent my working hours laboring in God’s field. I have NO salary, no job, no promise from anyone, but GOD, regarding our temporal needs. We do not appeal to men collectively or individually for money. We do not make our needs known, except to our Father in secret. We allow no collections at meetings. Also, we, according to God’s word incur no debt, neither do we have insurance of any kind except what the law requires for our vehicles. We have cast ourselves very practically and completely upon God’s sure WORD of promise. Where He has said, “No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly,” (Ps 84:11) and “thy Father, Who seeth in secret, shall reward Thee openly.” (Matt 6:18) God has given us the ability to believe and live accordingly. May the LORD Jesus Christ, the faithful God, give me grace to walk in such a way that I can say the same as David, “when I am old and gray headed.”

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