A note from dad…


(The note written in the front of my “Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible” by my amazing Dad who earnestly prayed for years that all of his children would find God’s Word to be the “joy and rejoicing of my heart” like it was for Jeremiah, and “sweeter than honey to my mouth” like it was for King David.)

“Dear Jacob,
Remember, my son, the promise given in Proverbs 2:1-22. May this book help you as you seek wisdom and understanding as silver and search for them as for hidden treasure.
God is faithful son, and He cannot lie. So IF you will fulfill these conditions He will surely fulfill His “exceeding great and precious promises” and you shall…
(v5) “…understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.”
(v9)”…understand righteousness, and justice, and equity, yea, every good path.”
(v20)”…walk in the way of good men, and keep the paths of the righteous.”
Remember, also, that in Christ alone are hidden ALL the “treasures of wisdom and understanding” (Colossians 2:3) and that through your increased KN OWLEDGE of Him you will receive “…all things that pertain unto Life and Godliness…” (2 Peter 1:2-4)

I love you son,

The actions and character of my earthly father truly gave me a better understanding of the attributes of my Heavenly Father…So thankful to have been raised by such a Godly man. As I approach fatherhood myself, I pray that I can be the same example to my children as he was for us.


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