Randy And Maureen’s Ministry

In August of 1979, mama met our sweet daddy. Daddy was a new believer and zealous for the Lord. Our parents met at the MSU athletic department in the weight room at MSU. Daddy shared the gospel with mama and she received Christ as her Savior and only way to heaven. They married in May of 1980. In 1988 daddy resigned as principal at Hebron Christian School.  He did handy man jobs until about February of 1989 and this began their journey into full time ministry. Daddy started going to the MSU campus, and prayed that the Lord would use him in the work of God’s kingdom.  As the Lord brought young men into daddy’s path he pointed them to the truth of God’s word.  As a side note you can go watch daddy’s videos and see some of the same scriptures he shared with so many young men over the years.  Please get a Bible and look under “videos” on this website.   As daddy met young men, he saw the importance of being hospitable.  Daddy also wanted young men to see his wife and family. Normal, sinful, people that we were we had a mom and dad who loved us and disciplined us.  Many of the people that dad brought into our house came from broken homes. These young men saw the love and respect mama had for our daddy. They saw the leadership, training, and importance of God’s word in which daddy led the family.  They also saw the love mama and daddy had for each other which exemplified Christ and His love for His church.  Daddy and mama truly LOVED each other, and were the sweetest lovebirds I have ever seen.  I know for a fact seeing these things made an impact on many young men. Whenever we would have guests over, mama would clean and cook all day sometimes.  Many times, she had only a few hours of notice that daddy had invited one or more people over.  Mama was a gracious, down to earth hostess.  She often had to overcome her embarrassment of the house being not so tidy and a last minute not so fancy meal. Our parents entrusted the Lord for their needs even if that meant eating food that didn’t always go together. We never went hungry, God always provided.  Sunday afternoons were usually occupied with college kids or a family we knew invited into our home.  Daddy and mama had a heart to share God’s word with people even if that meant not having a relaxing Sunday afternoon every week.  Daddy saw the importance of numbering his days and redeeming the time because he didn’t know how many days he had left.  Many mornings, I would come down stairs to see our parents at the table. Mama would fix daddy’s breakfast, and she would sit and watch him eat while they exchanged their last words before their busy day began.  Once daddy got a cell phone he would often call during the day just to talk to mama before his next meeting.  Sometimes, daddy would have five or more men he met with individually in one day.  He would come home exhausted and tired of talking and listening.  He loved his job and devoted his life to it, but it was a labor of love and very draining. Mama would greet him with a kiss (after her long and draining day of teaching and training us kids at home) and patiently wait until there was time for them to catch up on the day.  Mama was happy to be daddy’s help fit for him. She was faithful, submissive, served daddy in every area, and made daddy so very happy. In daddy’s last days and minutes here on earth, mama hardly left his bedside. She would pat on him, kiss him, rub his legs to help with circulation, spoon feed him, quote scripture to him, whisper in his ear, and serve him in ways she never dreamed.  She was right by his side gently stroking his head when daddy took his last breath. She was truly devoted to daddy and his ministry, and they both devoted their lives to the Lord and His work.  I truly believe there are many awards awaiting daddy and mama at the Judgment seat of Christ.  Mama is the Godliest woman/wife I have ever known and she exemplifies Proverbs 31 very well.  Mama is now a widow and mother of 13 children, 8 are still at home. I’ve always been thankful the Lord gave “all those kids” to daddy and mama, especially now that they are such a comfort to her. The Lord gives mama grace each day to get out of bed and continue the work He has for her here on earth.  She continues to teach and train her children and serve others.  Even in her brokenness she has told me she has a perspective she never would have had if daddy hadn’t died. Please continue to pray for this special widow who lost her BEST friend, husband, sole mate, companion, and fellow laborer in the gospel….our sweet daddy.

Julie Woodall


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