Written for Generations to Come

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2004

Hear my prayer, O God, and hide not Thy face from me!

“I have cried DAY and NIGHT”
“I have called DAILY upon Thee.”
“and IN THE MORNING shall my prayer come before Thee.”

Father, You allow trials and testings to come into our lives to cause us to cry out to You DAY, NIGHT, DAILY, and in the MORNING. You desire to move in response to believing prayer.

AND You desire that we sing of Your mercies and make known Your FAITHFULNESS to ALL generations. (Ps 89)

“I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever; with my mouth will I make known, THY FAITHFULNESS to all generations.”

ALL generations? That means, not only to this, my present generation, but other generations; yet to come, in the future.
As You say,
Is 30:8- “…write it before them on a table, and note it IN A BOOK THAT IT MAY BE FOR THE TIME TO COME…”

So, how can I, with my mouth make known Your faithfulness to ALL generations? By writing it in a BOOK, what You have done, how You have been faithful to Your WORD!

Also, Ex 17:14-
“Write this for a memorial in a book, and REHEARSE it…”
How could it be rehearsed at a later date? Because it was WRITTEN IN A BOOK!!!

Also, Ps 102:18-
“This shall be WRITTEN FOR THE GENERATION TO COME and the people (who shall be created) shall PRAISE THE LORD.”

So, how can I make known Your faithfulness to generations to come? By writing it in a book Your mighty deeds that You have done in my own life.
I need to write-
#1- the circumstances which I find myself in
#2- the portions of scripture that You speak to me through and that I am trusting to be true
#3- my prayers, to You, on the basis of what You have said to me
#4- what happened, or how You answer and work in the everyday circumstances of my life. (according to Ps 102:18, Ex 17:14, Is 30:8)

In so doing, I trust that there will be people in the future, many of them my own descendants, who will know of Your faithfulness and praise the LORD for His faithfulness. (Ps 89:7-8)

“Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O forsake me not, unto I have SHOWN THY STRENGTH unto THIS generation, and THY POWER to everyone THAT IS TO COME.” Ps 71:18

O LORD, my God, I am only asking You to do what You have said in Your WORD, would happen and what I have already experienced in my own life.

*Please understand, dear reader, that I am presently 47 years old and have a wife and 12 children. I serve the LORD doing ministry full time making no appeal for funds making our needs known ONLY to our Father in secret, allowing no public collections at meetings, and incurring no debt. However, it was as a young man, in my early to mid-twenties that I first read what George Muller had WRITTEN in the late 1800’s of God’s faithfulness in his own life. Then I, 90-100 years and many generations later, did indeed PRAISE THE LORD for HIS FAITHFULNESS because he, George Muller, had made known Your faithfulness to ALL generations in that he noted in a book, for the generations to come, and just as God had promised in His Holy WORD, I as “people who shall be created” did indeed “praise the LORD.”

So dear reader, I have SEEN, not just by faith in his Holy Word, which is true from the beginning, but with my own eyes, that God is TRUE and FAITHFUL to His WORD. I experienced the praise bubbling from my spirit as I read the works written by this man 100 years earlier, testifying to God’s faithfulness, and actually lived God’s promises in Ps 71:18 to George Muller.
It is my desire, that if the LORD tarries, that even to 100 years from now, and even longer, that men will READ what I, a simple servant of God, had WRITTEN at God’s faithfulness to me, and they will KNOW God’s strength and power and they will, according to God’s promise, praise the LORD, “God the faithful God” and Father of my LORD Jesus Christ!


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