You Desire to Meet with Me

Saturday February 5, 2005
Oh Lord, as I read, please let the light and truth of your written words lead me and bring me to your presence where I can behold your glory!

*Exodus 29:38-46

Thank you, dear Lord, that you are still, in this generation the way you have revealed yourself to be here, in Ex. 29 when you said
“…I will meet, to speak…unto thee. And there I will meet with the children of Israel.”
Thank you Oh Lord God Almighty, that though you created the worlds by the WORD of your power, spoke from Mt. Sinai with thunder, lighting, and a loud blast of a horn, and uphold all things, now, by the WORD of your power, you, still, desire to MEET and SPEAK to men who you have redeemed! You desire to meet and speak to me, if I will meditate upon your written words and be still and know that you are God, and stretch forth my hands unto you, in humility, willing to receive your revelation to me. Give me grace, oh God, to seek, wait, to behold, and hear! Amen. Thank you, Lord!

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