Your Faithfulness to Hezekiah

Journal Entry-
Tuesday January 18, 2005

Oh Lord, please show me now Thy way that I may know Thee! It is truth Lord, “The Lord is known by the judgment which he executeth…” Psalm 9:16

And thank you that it is still true “They who KNOW THY NAME will put their TRUST in thee; for THOU Lord  (who has revealed yourself to be a certain way in your holy word) hast NOT FORSAKEN those who seek you (according to that way you have revealed yourself.) Psalm 9:10

In Isaiah 36-37 you have recorded and revealed yourself to be the God of Hezekiah! In 36:1 Sennacherib, King of Assyria, after capturing all the cities of the land, surrounded and besieged Jerusalem. When Rabshakeh-taunted them 36:10,14-15,18 and Hezekiah heard it in 37:1, he immediately sent to Isaiah the prophet (vs. 1-5)
You, Lord, through the prophet, gave a COMMAND and a PROMISE “…Be not afraid…”
“…I will send a wind, he shall hear, return, and fall…”
When Rabshakeh had to leave, he wrote a letter to Hezekiah. (vs. 10-13)
“And Hezekiah RECEIVED the letter…and READ it…Hezekiah went up unto the house of the Lord, and SPREAD IT BEFORE THE LORD and PRAYED. (vs. 16-20)
“God of Israel, Creator hear and see what is happening they have conquered everyone else, who do not trust in you. Now, O Lord, our God SAVE US THAT ALL THE KINGDOMS OF THE EARTH MAY KNOW that Thou art Lord, only.”

When he prayed this way, Lord, you, in your almighty power sent an angel, and killed 185,000 of their soldiers, so that the impossible happened, the Assyrians departed and Jerusalem was delivered, or SAVED, just as Hezekiah requested!
As I read and mediate upon this, my heart cries out…Isaiah 25:1
“O Lord, thou (the God of Hezekiah) art MY GOD! I will EXALT thee! I will praise thy name! For thou hast DONE WONDERFUL THINGS (and one of them is this account recorded here in Isaiah 36&37) Thy counsels of old (written words) are faithfulness and TRUTH!” (I can trust this account!)
Isaiah 26:8 “…the desire of our soul is to THY NAME (which you made for yourself when you did this) and to the REMEMBRANCE of THEE (that you are this way still!)
O Lord God of Hezekiah, My God, give me grace to TRUST you to be this way still, today-Hebrews 13:8!

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